Patient Testimonials

"There are not just three things that describe Dr Mark Soccio and his staff. I have continously used Pembroke Chiropractic as my provider for Chiropractic needs, pain management, and mental health. He has done more wonders for me and my children then the 15 doctors I have been too. He is a blessing, a miracle worker, and full of positive energy. I will never ever go anywhere else, and he is not allowed to retire as long as I am alive."
Jennifer Anderson

"Dr. Mark is an excellent chiropractor. I and my family have been visiting Dr Mark for over ten years to have manipulations done to mis-aligned spines. His work has been amazing. My wife has been seeing Dr Mark since she was involved in a car accident, giving her a whiplash injury. I had been experiencing lower back pain and neck pain. I definitely recommend Dr Mark for those seeking chiropractic care."
Ron Gregory

"It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Dr. Mark Soccio. I was a patient of Dr. Mark for approximately two years, and still would be if my duties did not take me away from the area. Dr. Mark's knowledge of chiropractic and wellness in general, are outstanding. His practice was flexible and caring, with an emphasis on finding the root cause of the problem and educating the patient on how to develop good habits which promote long lasting health benefits. If you are truly interested in maximizing your body's ability to heal itself and pursue a course of overall wellness then Dr. Mark is the right choice to begin your journey!"
LCDR Daniel R Fucito

"Dr. Mark is an awesome Chiropractor that works on the entire family...yes, even infants need chiropractic care. He is great for more than just aching backs and necks. He can help with all sorts of aches, pains, illnesses, sickness, and overall health. He also has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and homeopathic medicines. He and his staff are a pleasure to be around and they make every visit an enjoyable one. If you've never tried chiropractic care before, give Dr Mark a shot...all you have to lose are medications that are probably doing you more harm than good and only masking the underlying problem."
Christopher Young

"I have been going to Dr. Mark for a number of years and he is a great chiropractor! I heartily recommend him to anyone for chiropractic adjustment. He has kept my back and neck in great shape and I go every few weeks to keep "in tune." He is also a wonderful person and full of helpful advise about nutrition, etc."
B.J. Blankenship

"I really have to express my deep appreciation for the skill of Dr. Soccio's work. He has healed severe injuries to my body in many ways other Doctors and Practitioners failed to achieve after years of prior attempts. He has taught and informed me, and empowered me, in many ways to become self-responsible in questioning, educating, and approaching my personal health care regimens. I have referred numerous clients to come from as far away as Washington, DC and Florida to receive the benefits of his work with results they had not received even from other very competent and well know Chiropractic Physicians and Medical Specialists. His professionalism and caring concern for his clients has allowed me to meet many in his service who also reflect the same opinions back to me time and again. I hope that his work can one day reach more people on a broader scale as I am so grateful to have the blessings of results I have experienced from working with him over the years."
Rev. David Gardner

"Dr. Mark has many times adjusted me for a neck or back pain and I have had wonderful results. My car was t-boned on November 19, 2011 and by February I could barely stand up and work. I really feel that Dr Mark has changed all that with much work and adjustments. It took almost 5 months to get back to a normal state in my life. Thank you Dr Mark for all your hard work."
Cindy Laufer

"Even after practicing as an LMBT, I had never been a big "believer" in chiropractic care, mainly due to lack of results -- HOWEVER, Dr. Mark changed that. He combines a natural healing ability, empathy and a lot of technical knowledge with an easy-going approach. I've had relief, results and body/mind/spirit evolution with his assistance. THANK YOU Dr. Mark!"
Liza Gibhardt

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